MPS teacher wins prestigious Milken Educator Award

My Amazing Teacher is on the News! I love her so much and think….no I believe she deserved that award. Without her so may things wouldn’t be happening as they are.

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Milwaukee Public Schools teacher Sarah Berndt was honored on Wednesday, October 2nd with the Milken Educator Award; dubbed the “Oscar of Teaching” by Teacher Magazine.

“One of the best teachers in the entire country out of 3 million teachers is here,” said Jane Foley of the Milken Foundation. “This Milken Educator Award goes to Sarah Berndt!”

Berndt was surprised with the award at an all-school assembly. The $25,000 award recognizes the exceptional work of educators who can be models for their state and the country.

“I can’t imagine spending my days doing anything but being with these students,” said Berndt.

Berndt has been a teacher for ten years. She has spent the last four at Reagan.

“Every single person in this building could be recognized by the foundation. I’m very humbled by this,” said Berndt.

Berndt teaches Spanish and technology at MPS’ Ronald Reagan…

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Military Diet: Day 1

I’m very considerate on how I take care of my body, but there came a day this week when I got so frustrated over the fact that I just couldn’t seem to slim myself down to those last few more pounds. Women just have a hard time to get rid of that irritating fat then men because of our biological duties.

Anyways, the simple fact is I want them gone. But I didn’t want to do something that would go on for long periods of times and would cost my family a fortune, buying all these separate foods just for me. For instance the Juicing. It goes on for as long as three months and you have to have all these special fruits and vegetables. You know how much produce is now and days?  Expensive.

So, I resorted to Google. I typed in the amount of weight I wanted to lose and added “fast” at the end and that’s how I stumbled upon the “Military Diet” of a “3 Day Dieting”. I immediately took a liking to it just by it’s title because it only takes three days, they say your able to lose up to 10 ponds (different for every person), and it’s just something that seemed interesting to try.

The website for the diet is very clear and straight forward, giving you the 3 day plan of what you should eat. They had Q/A’s, Substitutions in-case your allergic to anything or if you simply just don’t have it, they also have some youtube uploads of people explaining their experience with the diet and what they did and didn’t do right.

It looked safe so I started it today.

This was my meal plan for the day;

Breakfast: – I cup of coffee (black)

– I slice of Toast

– 2 tablespoons of Peanut Butter

– I/2 Grapefruit

I ate my breakfast around 6:15 am and was surprised that I didn’t have the urge to want to eat more. The only thing I changed in the plan though was the Grapefruit because I didn’t have one. Most would think that you would just replace the Grapefruit with another citrus  fruit….your funny. No, I had to take half a tablespoon of Baking Soda and mix it with a glass of water and drink it. Let me just say it wasn’t my most pleasant experience. The website explains the reason why you substitute Grapefruit for Baking Soda Water.

Lunch: – I cup of coffee (black…again)

– I slice of bread

– 1/2 cup of tuna

One of the great things about this diet is that I’m able to season my food, within a reasonable amount. They have a limited list of seasonings you can use but they’re pretty flexible with it. I was able to add lemon pepper, pepper, and a bit of salt to eat the tun with. Then I just added the tuna on the slice of bread and ate it that way.

This is where I began to cheat.  I think I began to cheat around 230-330 because I ate my lunch too early (around 11:30) and I usually don’t eat dinner til 6:30. Usually, most days I have a little snack in between lunch and dinner. Which I kinda did. I had two grapes and two chocolates. (The bite size ones.)

I felt so bad that right after I ate the chocolates I did a whole workout to get rid of it. So, I think I’m safe.

Dinner: – 3 ounces of meat

– 1 cup of green beans

– 1 apple ( I ate a plum instead)

– I/2 banana

– 1 cup of vanilla ice cream

Yes, you read that right. I was able to eat vanilla ice cream! I was so happy that I was able to, you have no idea. I think the only problems I had with dinner was the meat, we only had some that was with tomato sauce (literally a half an hour later my mom comes home with meat not covered with tomato sauce…not kidding) and I had a whole banana. However, the banana was one of those small ones so I counted it as half of a regular sized one.

I exercised like normal. 30 minute walk/run (building up endurance), 300 crunches, half an hour of stretching (some people just don’t take this seriously when they should), and just some random kickboxing/martial arts for awhile. You don’t have to go to extremes like I did, which is actual normal routines for me, but they do recommend that you walk 30 minutes a day ether in the morning or night to help the process of the weight loss.

You also have to drink a lot and I mean a lot of water. After the first day, the next two days all you drink is water but for some reason after eating I had to have like 2 glasses of water to replenish myself.

The other thing I liked about this is after the three days of the dieting they recommended you eat regularly (healthy) for four days before you continue the diet again. So you can do this as many times as you want, but please don’t become those starving looking people that over diet themselves.

Lastly the only side affects I’ve had during my first day so far is shaking or nervous twitches when I’m not nervous at all. I looked this up and they say it’s because your body goes into a sort of shock from the change in eating habits and lack of the high amounts of sugar and caffeine we consume. . I’ll probably experience it a little more during the next two days because like I said I’ll only be drinking water, no coffee.

We’ll be together soon, coffee, I promise.

Until next time my friends! Which in this case tomorrow.



Every time I’m on my blog and begin to write a new post I feel like I should explain my absence or at least apologize for it. Don’t worry, though, I plan on being on here a little more often than I have lately. But that’s the thing. I don’t feel like I’m apologizing for my absence particularly but the fact that my previous posts are quite childish and in simpiliar terms…not perfect.

Perfection is such a desirable need of us humans.

It can be physical such as looking for the perfect body, mentally, and/or emotionally which is trying to find that perfect balance of work, life, and anything else.

Then there are the unrealistic desires that we take so far as to actually believe they will actually happen like; living forever, being super human (which actually already kind of exists, but rarely), and never getting sick, immune to diseases.

Just the other day I was pondering the idea of living forever and how that could affect someone realistically. This came upon me when I began  free writing a book of mine (by my definition it means writing what ever comes to mind and it not being planned out) when I started writing about how a young adult knew about death but didn’t grasp that it will happen actually to him. Therefore he just thought that he was immune and gradually, but not fully, believes that he’ll live forever.

And even after I was done writing that little snip it I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Living forever usually has the follow up of things like vampires and how they look perfect and exotic and mysterious and that’s when I realized. Perfection is an obsession! We see it every where; magazines, TV, movies, books, etc.  And the reason for this, as for many obsessions, is because it’s something we can never have.

For Example:

If a fan is obsessed with an actor it’s because he/she doesn’t have him. They don’t have them as a friend, a sibling, or something a little more graphic. The sad part is if it develops and gets out of hand they could kill them because they believe that’s the only way to have them. It’s happen before.  Perfection is the same way, people do crazy things for it.

Just like the actor and fan, we will never have perfection. You know why? Technically there is no such thing as perfection, at least in the way we use it. If there was we would all look alike because perfection is one way thing not multiple options of perfection.

We all know this but at the same time we don’t want to accept it because we don’t like to think this is all we are. We like to look and hope for things to be better. Which is perfectly understandable and healthy. Just don’t take it to far.

I think the faster we achieve a healthy image of ourselves, the faster we can be happy and more open. Basically, understand that we’re different but different is good and exciting.

The Snip-it Part of My Book:

The thing about life is it doesn’t last forever. And the ironic thing is even though we know this we dwindle on the possibility of living forever (when, most likely, it will not be possible…ever) instead of treasuring every single minute we receive.
I use to think like that. I still think like that, bad habits die hard. I only do this once in awhile though; when I’m lying next to my wife in bed or the curiosity of the world is taking over or when I see my daughter dancing around in our garden.

However when I was younger this wasn’t the case. I believe its healthy that you imagine the impossible so you can have that shred of hope that it is possible. But, I was consumed with the impossible. I believed that I would never experience death in any way that connected me. Whether it was my parents, my friends, and even myself.
You see parents are suppose to prepare and explain things like this to you when you reach that certain age. Mine never did. It was there, my parents mentioned it but then we moved on. It didn’t affect how I lived or my future, or in any way back then. So, when that moment came, that sheer moment that I wasn’t prepared for but I’ve heard, seen, and was aware of, I didn’t know what to do.
So, I ran.


Today’s Society of Entertainment


Today’s society of entertainment is curious. When in the early fifties we use to rely on toys, family activities, and even reading/writing materials to pass the day and fill our desirable needs; we now rely on Television, phones, websites and social networks to keep us entertained. Which adds up to countless hours staring at a bright, eye damaging screen.

Books are labeled boring and too hard, family activities don’t even cross a teenagers mind, and toys have become complicated and connected to ‘labels’ that if you don’t have this toy you might as well be dead.
But the big question is: why?
Why have the technological advances that were made to advance family connection and local emergencies, actually turn children in to tech brats ( even though that have been since creation)? The internet exposes things to children that they shouldn’t be aware of or experience yet, and even have children become more distant to the family than anything else.
Well to make this short many believe its because of the influence of peers. The wrong type of peers bring habits upon their friends that appear to be cool but really harmful. And those people that pass on those habits take them from others and so on and so forth. Its spread from children to even adults because they want to be in click with their children.
The simple fact is, some kids want all these technologies for image, to possible make them popular during school but when out in the real world most fail reality.
To solve this here are some things that you can do to expand your time and use it wisely, and even if you have balance with this but you know some one that has a problem show encourage them to do these things:
~ Read books: Research shows that if you take 15 minutes a day to read it will train you brain to better understand text easily.

~ Pic up a hobby: scrapbooking is known to enhance creative and organization skills. For obvious reasons.

~ Exercise: research shows that you can increase you life by 2 years by exercising 20minutes a day.

In the end, just be yourself and be a leader. Demonstrate these good habits will show your self as well balanced. I know its hard and I myself am not perfect but that one thing you can do will forever help you, always.

Picture by me

Some Quotes I Want to be Recognized By


I’m a writer and some of the things I want people to take from it are these sample quotes.

– I’m cheap I admit it but I stay cheap so I can give money to the people that don’t have the pleasure of having the choice to be cheap
– I hurt the people I love. But I rather have them hate me then love me because the love they give me I can never return.
– I don’t lie, I just avoid the truth.
– You see, I think being good comes with a price but in the end its worth it.

Personal Projects

I’m so confused.

I’m changing my ways and I want to stand out like my friends do but now I was just talking to my friend and she wants to make an album of songs………that’s one of the things I wanted to do. Of course I’m not going to do it but its just frustrating because I really don’t tell what I do personally and when some one says I like to sing, I say I like to do that to. I makes  me feel like I’m copying people which i’m not. I sing, I write songs and stories, I’m an artist, I like to make films, and I want to act. But then my friends show their talents, the same as mine but not as many as mine, and everyone loves them.

Is it jealous? Yes, it probably is because I’m known for being short and that’s it! When my friends joke with me, they make fun of my shortness when really I’m proper height for my age. I also am known for not looking people in the eyes while talking. So yes it probably is jealous that’s speaking right now because if I do start showing them they’ll think I’m copying.

Personal Projects I Want to Do:

  • Producing and directing a movie 
  • Producing and directing a music video
  • Writing a book 
  • Composing a song  
  • Writing a script
  • Drawing a mural

That’s all I want to do…….should I feel or be punished this way because of what I love to do.